Jack’s Road Trip

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Dudes, it’s me, Surfin’ Jack! I took a break from the waves today to share with you all about a sweet road trip I went on across the country. For the month of March, I was a dog on the road. Dave and I were traveling across the WHOLE United States. Yeah, dudes, it was awesome!

We traveled from sunny southern California to super sunny Orlando, Florida. Our first stop was in Arizona. Dudes, if you thought Cali is hot, visit Arizona. I loved traveling to Arizona and meeting all the sweet people there. They were extra fur-endly. See what I did there? After Arizona, we were off to New Mexico. New Mexico was totally beautiful. No ocean, but really cool mountains. Next stop was Texas. You best believe I got myself a cowboy hat. I still prefer my swim trunks though, sorry cowboy hat! Everyone in Texas were super cool. I loved spreading the Lucy Pet story. After Texas, we traveled a long ways to Louisiana and I was pretty bummed because we had just missed Mardi Gras. This dog loves a good celebration. But anyways after Louisiana, we made it to our destination, Orlando, Florida.

Why did we travel all this way to Orlando? Well the Lucy Pet team and I were attending the Global Pet Expo! It was totally rad. I met up with my best friend, Ricky and we were so happy to be the dog and cat faces for the Lucy Pet booth. We met so many awesome fur-friends and human friends too. Everyone was totally cool. Ricky was on Ammonia Patrol and had the raddest cop car. You should see the video, it was killer. We were also so excited to announce the new Lucy Pet ‘Formulas For Life’ dog and cat food. Dudes, it’s SO goooood. I’m not just saying that because I work for Lucy Pet, I really mean it. It helps provide a healthy gut too! Sweet!

This road trip has been totally awesome! I loved spreading the Lucy Pet word and meeting new people every day! I’m one lucky pup. If you want to see all my adventures, check me out on Facebook and Instagram at Surfing Jack Dog. I best be getting back to doing what I do best, surfing! Later, dudes.