Things Surfin’ Jack does to stay healthy

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Hi guys, it’s me, Surfin’ Jack! I’ve decided to take a break from surfing today to share with you all some of the things I do to stay healthy and fit. Sure, I have that surfer bod already but sometimes I need to do more than catching waves. It’s about what’s on the inside too. Here’s what I do to stay healthy:


  • I maintain a balanced diet.
  • I get my exercise, surfing and walking are some of my favorites!
  • I go see my Doc every year.
  • I get all my shots.
  • I make sure I’m free of fleas by using the best medicine from my Doc.
  • I got neutered when I was little.


Being healthy to me is extremely important and I want to encourage and inspire all my furry friends to do the same. If I wasn’t healthy, I wouldn’t be able to do some of the things I love, like surfing (duh), meeting all my fans, playing with everyone and being an advocate for my favorite foundation. Well, I hear the swell is getting pretty big out there so I better get back to the surf, but remember to stay healthy friends! See you in the water.