Woof! Its International Assistance Dog Week

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You may not know this, but in addition, to be a super cool surfing dog, I’m also a trained service dog. I like to visit hospitals and other places where people need some love and stress relief. I’m a great hugger and people often tell me how my nudges make them feel better. Even though I do those things, it’s just what I do. I don’t consider myself to be a hero, I am just doing what comes naturally.
However, I often hear my dad talk about stories of how everyday pets do heroic things in the community. There are dogs who save kids from drowning, pets who wake up the family during a fire, and cancer-patient emotional support. When I travel through the airport I see TSA dogs and explosion detection dogs working. I also got to rub noses with some K9 Police dogs who protect our community here locally. It makes my tail wag to hear about my four legged cousins and pals helping humans all the time.

My pals over at Lucy Pet and KTLA are celebrating International Assistance Dog Week to help raise awareness of the many formally trained assistance dogs and also the cool everyday hero pets. If you have a trained service animal in your family or maybe you have a heroic pet, share their photo and story.
Just upload a photo of your pet to Instagram or Facebook with the hashtag #PickMyHeroLucy and tell them why he or she is your hero.  You can also submit a photo and description using the link below.  The winner will receive a year’s worth of dog or cat food from my friends at Lucy Pet Products. By the way, my picture is on the Lucy Pet dog food bags!